Saturday, April 18, 2009

25 per Second Heartbeat. Love You People!!

here they're!!da most important person dat brighten my day n night=)
simple describe [except for those who've been described b4]


ungku mhd zulhilmi aka ungku/batak/ungka/EMI[hahaha]
-he's skinny baby..hahaha!![tp dah ade rmbut plak skang=.="]
-volley ball master
-pc master[die aja ak prank org pkai virus!ngahahaha..thnx dik!]
-almost all da time call me kak odah..whateverlah batak
-i do trust him =)
-kind -a bit la- hahaha
-thnx batak 4 everything ngahahahaha!!!=))

syahir jamaluddin aka caer/nepal
-he's dark..darker than me=)[satisfied....huuu]
-volley master
-tough n tall[cis!]
-nepalian not napolion bonaparte =.="
-follow da footstep of ungkukarpap call me odah=.="
-i've been pranked by him[bout crush!uh..da time he knows bout da pangolin]
-ppl told me dat he's sweet..hahaha..
-he's taken by lady x..salah plak..hahaha
-thnx 4 those annoying things haha..guro beb

zuhaili naim aka eli/zuzu[erk???]
-he's kind
-correctional master [captain]
-alwiz treat me..thnx eli!ahahaha
-my besfren's bro
-smart blur [skemarono kate anisah]
-he's taken by ladybird...hahahaha..xlah..tipu je

syahiran zolbahare aka caeran[hahahahahahahahahaha]
-volley master
-**** my game b4 =.="
-sweet smile haha nak muntah pon ade[sape tah gtau ak mende nih]
-he's not tall..average..hahaha
-for diz meantime,he's kind..haha

nadzirun nordin aka yun
-my 10-year-old bestbestfriend!!
-my superhero
-tough tall bigfoothahaha
-he loves rugby,same team as my brother 3 years ago
-pc master[bapaknye ckgu wonder lah!]
-2nd son of ENCIK NORDIN my school's IT n MATH teacher
-knowing him since sndard 1 but not too close on dat time
-lots of my secrets are save with him..means i do trust him
-for diz meantime he's only man dat alwiz backup me from strangers out there
-thnx dude!

azlan shah aka alanlipan
-rugby master same as yun
-yes,my 10-year-old bestfriend=)
-makes me scared once he almost collapse at my house=.="[plis dun do it again alan!]
-i hate some part of him[i hope he realized dat soon]
-lost contact for a year[2005]but met him on 2006 till now
-he's cool!friendship is da main things in his life

hazwan hasrin aka zwan/dodolpisang
-he's big
-he's kind
-he's a bit annoying..[amek kaw..hahaha]
-he do likes my TYO besty!ngahahaha
-pak ustaz!ngahhaha

rasyidin aka syidtorres
-fren of zwan d gonjz
-pak ustaz kuasa dua!hahhaha
-loves torres
-=.="[penyegan hahaha]

syed badriz aka atok
-he's old!haha
-senior SMKSians
-KPTM bukan KoPiTiaM
-he's annoying old man!haha
-**layan je ak merepek almost all da time**
-he's baby sitter n his babies are as cute as i am..ngahahaha!!![glaba je ko nih]

mohd hafiz aka pakcik
-besfren of mr pangolin
-he's old old n old..hahahaha
-AL-AZHARians!![wait 4 me ah pakcik!!ngahahhaha]
-advices me a lot!thnx
-loves calling me 'kenit' [whatever,im cute!]hahaha
-"my legs are not short!!!"[cis!]
-alwiz playing around me!


-they're perfects!
-love me!
-friendship later success main!
-love u girls!!

-cool n perfects prefects!!!
-craziness makes us laughlaughlaugh!!!

izyan nadirah ahmad ridza aka yan
-she's my supercoolest petsis!!
-full of secrets!
-she loves me=)
-i love her!!!

farhana kamaruzaman
-superduper besties!
-she was such a kind person i've met
-soft hearted
-moved to perak

affina dalilahanny aka fin [not in da pict]
-she's my only trusted bestfriend!!
-knowing her since childhood!
-she loves me so do i!!
-she's only da person who knows me better than myself![exclude my family]
-she's smart!
-no one could hurt her!
-luv u fin!!

nor atikah aka tikah
-knowing her since std 4
-she's pretty cool!
-she loves me i know dat..!hahaha
-it has been a long time we haven't meet yet!


azraie naim
-since he was born i've been beside him most of da time..!!
-he's superduper cute!!
-birth sign same as me!
-2 years are enough of missing him!!
-luv u azraie!!

hafiz aka apis
-my youngest cousin
-he's smart cool handsome!!!
-he loves me!!
-**alwiz hear,"ika2 meh la sini kaler dgn dik apis!", "ika2,dik apis ada mainan baru!", "ika2,nk tengok dak dik apis punya buku skolah?!"
-miss him so much!!

muhd farish
-ungku's niece
-i dun know him either =.="
-he's cute!!!as cute as casper!!

**he calls me juz "ika" bcoz in my family hierarki, he's older than me actually. my mom's eldest sister's son!ahahah...give birth during 40..amazing huh?=.="**

for those who are not in da list dun worry...i'm still loving u!!

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