Tuesday, May 19, 2009

18th May 2009 - Dora's Death

dora's sleeping on her roll..before she's sick..

It was too bad..I can't hold you for the last time..

Dora pegi petang lepas angah n intan balik..ak lepak depan tv dgn kepala yg sakit..n suddenly i felt awkward..angah told me that Dora is dying..her wounds are worst enough to make Dora hurts..after a while,Dora suddenly stop breathing,she fell from her roll n no more reaction when i called out her name..she's died..i cry myself alone..i juz regret myself cause i can't hold her..i juz can't bcoz i'm totally sick.. long she suffering after the bad wound exist on her neck..its good she died from suffer like that..

Baby's hiding when saw the light from the camera..

Baby..she's dead on 08th August 08..Stich..dead on 12 may 2009...n yesterday..Dora's turn..

Stitch;in memory =.="

anyway thanks my love hamsters for giving me a lot of joy of being care for was awesome of seeing you looked at me everytime i called your name dora..

Dora, 2 days before her death :

a small wound on her left neck

the worst wound that makes her hurt a lot..on her right neck.

i put her in a transparent package to snap her. i can't hold her bcoz afraid if da wound would be contagious.

passive all the time =.="

i miss u dora ='((

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