Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Selama 17 Tahun Hidupnya

Monday, 20th June 1992, 4:44 pm.

I'm out of my mom's tummy. Can't see the world yet. Crying.
Ma, thanks for giving me an opportunity to live in this colorful world !


I really don't even know what had happen along this year. I can't remember anything. Naahh...kecik lagi oh..


My small tweety mouth produce a few words. Ma, yah. hihi..
(ma aku cakap)


I don't know what kind of kid I was at this year. But my mom said that I was so so so so talkative. Even others can't understand my words. I keep talking and talking. That was me until now, huh?


This year. hee.. I will never forget the time that I realize that I can see thingies that others can't through naked eyes. I saw it behind my house, after my mom feeds me at lunch.


Naah... This year my mom and dad sent me to the kindergarten in front of my house. My childhood besties, Yoges' brother(Indian), Fariz, Lee(Chinese), and other two kids. I forgot. hihi..
Yes, I am the one and only girl. The teacher, I forgot her name. hee.. She was awesome. She brought me a 3D story tales book when I get all correct on my edu. hihi. Yeah, I was really a good kid long ago.


Wearing school uniform, with a school bag, with a sweet pony tail. So sweet. I never cry once I enter the school. Hihi. Tadika Perpaduan Jalan Timur, Kajang. That was my first formal kindergarten. I started my conversation with my first bestfriend, Noraini. After that she intro me to her new friend, Ifa. Hihi. Start from that day, they was my bestfriend. Knowing my class teachers, Ms. Letchumi(I really hate her in the first sight.haha..old story), n Cik Roslina(I do love her a lot). The very best time is.....everytime Ms. Letchumi take a leave. Hahahaha.


I'm 7! Naahhh.. Through the primary school lifestyle was the best moments..! I leaved my kindergarten friends and make friends with primary school's friend. Standard 1, I entered the fisrt class, 1 Maju. Knowing Fatin and Izzati, the twin. Nur Iffah, Intan Haryaty, Syuhaida, Lavanya, Andrea and so many more. No groups no fight. I make friends with everyone. Oh ya, Tamil, Indian boy, Kong Sing Jac, Govin, Alex, Akmal, Solihin. My best boy friends. They brighten my days at school.

One night, my mom received a call from Penang. My grandfather is dying. We arrived at kampung at morning. We straight to my grandfather's home, he stayed with Pak Lang, my uncle. At 7 pm that day, he ask my mom what time was it? Tomorrow, at the same time, 7 pm, my lovely grandfather had passed away. In front me, he left me alone. I cried. I don't know why that day they recite a Yaasin for him, they brought him to the grave. Tok wan...He left me. That's what I can understand.

Return from kampung, I kept dream about Tok Wan. Al Fatihah.


Final year of primary school. The year of UPSR and PSRA. I struggled for my exam. Knowing Affina since standard 4, she's intelligent. Calyne Ti, Hui Kee, Lava, Ruba, Ama. huhu.. Miss them so much. Yea, majority of my bestfriends is non Muslim.

On the day that the UPSR results come out, my mother came with me to school. Yea!!! I thought I got Straight. Haha. perasan lebey... I'll bring my tears..haha.. CHILDISH. 4A1B. haih..

Oh ya, first time reject a guy named ***** ****. Haha. I am too young to think about man. haih.. Kanak-kanak tak boleh kawen la.


A week before school opening, I attend the KAA class test. PASS!! 97 % are enough to be in KAA class.

First day in secondary school. SMK Saujana Impian.

*sesungguhnya masuk sekolah ni aku memang kera, tiada kawan yang aku kenal pun.padan muka gatal tak mau masuk asrama.haha*

PMR year. Struggled. At the same time, a lot of conflicts and climax of the year begin. Friends problems, studies, books, all that things make me stress enough. Alhamdulillah, at the end of the year, I did my PMR exam. Before school opening on 2008, PMR results came out. yeehaaa!!!
Science A! *setelah melalui kegagalan sepanjang tahun dlm subjek nih* Maths A! *setelah kene blasah ng pn rosnah sbb graph burok* Arab Komunikasi A! *setelah di'kirim salam syg' oleh ustzh =)* Agama A! *setelah kena marah sebab buat hafazan last minute* BM A!! *susa nak cakap..terima kasih Pn Kamzira!*

BI, Sej, Geo, I got B. KHB ERT. I got C! haha.. I'm not interested on that course.


4 Dinamik. KAA PERAKAUNAN. Two weeks studied in Karisma is bad enough..!Introduction of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English in Science and Technology.

Exchange classes. While enter the class(dinamik), all of them staring at me. Ya. Science student apply Account class. How can? Haha...

*susa pyh anta surat mohon tuka klas..*



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