Friday, October 16, 2009

Mood : Unstable

Stop being hatred ika.

You are the supercoolest aren't you?!

Wake up.

Don't let people get you down.

Show 'em your strength.

You're such a strong teen.


Move on what you're doing.

Let 'em do what they want.

They've rights!

And you have it too.

Let the pain cured.

Let the hatred gone.

Let 'em be bygones!

Stop hurting yourself.

Think about yourself.


Anonymous said...

cmne nk folo?tkan folo tu ke?xde ape2 pon aku tkan.
kaw pnye blog bapak la bersepah.aku da pning kpale.byak giler kaw taep.
aku bru lg .xpham tmpat komen en.aku da jdikan bnde ni cm tmpat msej2.haha

ikafantasi said...

kau mesti syd en...
nak aku lempang ke?


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