Thursday, October 15, 2009

Single Second of Being in Love.

Just in a little while
in the silence
I said
'I love you.'

You asked me
'Please repeat.'

And I repeat
'I love you.'

You asked me
'Do you love me?'
And you smiled

I answered
'Yes, I do.'

Then I asked
'Do you have
any feelings
towards me?'

You gave me
a little bow,
'My feelings
towards you
is constant,
from the first sight
until the end
I am always
loving you.'

We smiled
it was the
last day
that we known
as a couple

We declared our
truthful relationship
with a simple
style of ribbon
and a necktie

We tied our love
with a
happiness thread

It was the day
that we've married

Being a husband
and a wife

Through the sorrows
and the lights
The sadness and
the happiness
The bitters and
the sweets

Without feeling hatred
Without feeling damn hated

We loved each other
from the first sight
Until the end

The perfect lovers
was meant to
be together

In Allah's Will,
this love
will never fade

Every single second
This love will
always remains

Will come naturally
when everything
is in the
perfect harmony...

written on Science paper, by Nur, 14 oct 2009

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