Tuesday, March 9, 2010

SS501 Super Huge Fan !

Semenjak dua menjak tiga menjak ni, aku jadi tak ubah seperti kipas susah mati kepada satu band boy dari Korea known as SS501 or pronoun as Double S Oh Gong. Ha amek kau siap bagitau lagi camne nak sebut. Haha. Puas aku jelajah satu dunia internet ni cari info pasal dorang. And the sweetest member of SS501 ni ialah Kim Hyung Jun, dengan muka innocent dan amat rasa nak sepak serta suara serak-serak lembap telah menyentak tangkai jantungku. Haha *ika kau ni auta banyak dah ni*

Maka dengan sukahati aku nak kenalkan korang ngan band boy dari Korea ni yang amat popular dengan lagu background blog aku ni, Because I Am Stupid aka OST Boys Over Flowers, Korean Drama yg main kat 8TV pukul 8.30 malam. Tapi citer tu dah habis dah.

Here goes the Korean boys with their respective profile,

Name: Kim Hyun Joong (김현중)
Nickname: Cow, Dog
Birthdate: 6th Jun 1986
Blood Type: B
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 68kg
Hobby: Swimming, Soccer, Gym workout, Basketball
Specialty: Piano, Dance, Guitar
Things that he hates: Insects, Birds
Motto: You only live once / Live is a one shot.
Animal that you describe yourself as: Lion
Family members: Grandmother, Father, Mother, Elder Brother, Himself
Idol: Seo Tai Ji (Legendary Korean Rock Singer)
Part which you are most satisfied of: Eyes.
Something that you must do before sleeping: Bathing
Method for relieving stress: Travelling
Things that you must bring in your bag: iPod, Contact Lenses, Wallet, Mobile Phone
Favourite Colour: Black
Thing that you do most seriously: Work
3 Wishes:
1. Become a world-class, universal star
2. Gathering fans from all over the world and hold a free concert for them.
3. After which, to live a peaceful and happy life

Name: Kim Hyung Jun (김규종)
Nickname: Turtle
Birthdate: 3rd August 1987
Blood Type: O
Height: 181cm
Weight: 66kg
Hobby: Listening to music, Online gaming, working out
Specialty: writing lyrics, composing, singing, dancing, swimming, golf, horse-riding
Favourite animal: Rabbit, puppy
Motto: Don't be comfortable with current, work hard to advance further!
Family members: Father, Mother, Younger brother, Myself.
Idol: Justin Timberlake
Part which u are mostsatisfied of: Waist, lips.
Method for relieving stress: Sing to heart's content, going to beach, going for a drive.
Things that you bring in your bag: iPod, Album, Training outfit.
Things that you do most seriously: Takng care of family members, singing, dancing
3 wishes:
1. Hope that SS501 can have a successful activities in Taiwan and all of Asia in 2009.
2. New album be well-liked by everyone.
3. Everyone be healthy.

Name: Kim Kyu Jong (김형준)
Nickname: Praying mantis, gorilla, prince
Birthdate: 24th Feb 1987
Blood Type: A
Height: 181cm
Weight: 65kg
Hobby: Listening to music, Reading, Basketball.
Specialty: Magic.
Something you fear most: Heights, and taking plane.
Motto: Challenge with no regrets!
Family Members: Father, mother, younger sister, myself.
Idol: Rain.
Part which you are satisfied of: Left hand.
Something that you must do before sleeping: Brush Teeth.
Method of relieving stress: Traveling alone.
Thaings that you bring in your bag: Disposable contact lenses.
Things that you do most seriously: Recording. learning dance.
Favourite color: Used to be yellow, like blue these days.
3 wishes:
1. Hope that SS501 can expand to all of Asia.
2. Music industry in Korea to restore to its good old times.
3. Making a movie.

Name : Park Jung Min (박정민)
Nickname : Sexy Charisma, Horse (Mal)
Birthdate : 1987. 04. 03
Blood type : O
Height : 181cm
Weight : 67kg
Hobby : Writing Lyrics, Collecting Things, Taking a Walk
Specialty : Tap dance, Rock climbing
Animal that you describe yourself as : Unicorn (puhahaa…UNICORN?! =_= he’s trying to make a nicer image out of horse. ^^ love the humor)
Motto : Live with a thankfulness mind
Family members : Father, Mother, Elder brother, Sister-in-law, Sister, Nephew, me
Idol : None
Part which you are most satisfied of : Teeth
Habit that you would like to change : Hope to cure sweaty palm
Things that you bring in your bag : Brought all necessity to be brought
Thing that you do most seriously : Considering to compose seriously
3 wishes :
1. SS501 to become artiste known by people all over the world
2. Eternal life living forever
3. Quickly able to see Taiwan fans

Name: Heo Young Saeng (허영생)
Nickname: Otter
Birthdate: 3rd Nov 1986
Blood Type: O
Height: 178cm
Weight: 63kg
Hobby: Online gaming, Basketball, Listening to music.
Specialty: Piano.
Animal that you describe yourself as: Bear.
Motto: Always smile to live your life.
Family members: Father, Mother, Myself.
Idol: Seo Tai Ji.
Part which you are most satisfied of: Shoulders.
Habit that you would like to change: Not able to speak well.
Things that you bring in your bag: Wallet, iPod.
Thing that you do most seriously: Singing.
3 Wishes:
1. Hope to earn lots of money.
2. SS501 and my name to be known all over the world.
3. Be able to think more carefully.

Info ni aku dapat dari sorang blogger dari negara jiran merangkap kipas paling susah mati kepada band boy dari Korea ni. Gue tabek sama lo dee Ciptasari :)

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