Tuesday, July 27, 2010

UPS is over!

last post aku pasal prank birthday party. waaah agak lama la pulak aku tak meraban ni banglo ini.

UPS is just around the corner..[mat saleh kata]

Well actually.....I've failed for the third time in Business Management's quiz. "That's normal.. for beginning semester.."they said.

But, seriously..that was not that normal... I've read, I've understood, I've learned.. But still, I got E in final quiz before UPS. JUST FOR BUSINESS MANAGEMENT. I really don't know why.

Economy. I do love to learn this subject. Well, maybe because of Umi, the scariest Economy Lecturer. heee ~=)

Mathematics. Each time I faced hardness while finishing tutorials, I'll put aside all tasks and take Maths Tutorial n UPS/PSPM Past Years Questions. I love Maths. But not really 'master' on it. But still, Maths is the common 'problem solver' to me.

Monetary Accounting. heh. I've ever hate this subject. But now, MA is one of my favorite. EXCLUSIVELY!

UPS 19 July 2010
Start with English. Reading Comprehension and ESSAYS. Reading Comprehension was a bit hard. It takes time to answer. EVEN THE ANSWER WERE JUST A,B,C,D =.="
ESSAY. Expository essay titled "Qualities of Excellent Matriculation Student." I did it on time. Alhamdulillah

Economy, about 2.30pm. Quite hard, but I can answer all the question, still..not really confident with several answers especially the objective ones! ahhh...

UPS 20 July 2010
heee ~=)
Mathematics, I like :)
I've answered all question but got stuck on last question. I was really blur. My mind was blocked. Then, I put my pen down. And said,"I hate this question." Times up, I just put on the formula. HAHA. Well, at least I'm not leave it blank. =)

Monetary Accounting, around 2.30pm. I didn't get balance for KKK, the Assets I got 58600 while the Equity sides I got 61600. I've adjust a lot, until I got 58600, BALANCED. Times up, I ask everyone about the PP and KKK. They all gave me the SUPER SAME ANSWER. 61600.
---maybe I should sing I HATE THIS PART---

UPS 21 July 2010
Business Management. I was hoping that I could answer all the questions. Alhamdulillah. I think I did my best. I did it very well.

English MUET Listening Quiz. 3 parts of question, Part 1 is average, not so hard. Part 2, I don't really know what are the Speaker talk about. So many blanks. Part 3. DONE. Finalizing answers for Part 2. I just filled the blanks with logic answers =)

Another THUNDER's coming. PSPM for the next 3 months. yaaa!!!!!!!

KMS, you really make me 'books.'

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