Thursday, February 24, 2011

Someone Asked Me......

"Why people are waiting when they know no one is stopping?"

Because they afraid of losing something special. It might be lost if they proceed, so they decided to wait until the time comes.

Allah gives us a lot ways to think wisely. And as His humble servant, ISTIKHARAH. The right way to get the perfect decision. As long as the decision won't hurt anyone.

We better proceed what we need to. Because sometimes, knowing that we'll be losing that special thing is better than losing it without knowing a thing. Sometimes, 'hurt' makes people tougher.

"Why people still put their trust on someone while they know that the person are lying?"

HusnuzZhon. They never thought about people's bad. They always let their heart free from hatred. That's why, even though people lied to them, they feel nothing. Forgiveness is one of their powers.

Those questions really make me think a lot. Thanks a lot to the person who asked me these questions. Sure you have to ask yourself though. Because the real decision-maker is YOU. Only YOU. People might suggested, but you decide it. Whatever the decision it is, make sure it won't hurt you(especially), and everyone around you. Let be simple, as simple as you.

They said,"Don't be selfish!" That doesn't mean that you need to think about people around you all the time. Sometimes we need to think about ourselves. Things going hard when we hurt while others laughing. So, cheer yourself while in the same time make them happy :))

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