Thursday, April 7, 2011


"Is it selfish to suddenly hate something
That you loved yesterday?" you said
"No, I think it's pretty common"
I said, with no proof

No matter how many pretty words you use
People can't accept past breakups
Both having had experiences like that
We hold each other in our sleep
Relying on the empty promise of "I love you"

When I say "I love you" out of nowhere
It may sound like a lie
But as long as I live
I'll never forget the way I love you

I looked up at the sky
Searching for words to say instead of "I love you"
Until the day I find them
Even if I never find them
I'll be searching for you

"Will you kiss me tomorrow
Even if you don't treasure today?"
Your poetic words make me hesitate
The day you moved in, bringing only a single bag
Was like a spring storm, changing my life

The flowers in the alley
That share your name mean "love never changes"
Now that you've overcome the nights you cried
Unable to accept what you believed
You will become a wonderful person
With more kindness inside you than anyone

Give me your tears and smles

When I said "I love you" out of nowhere
It may have sounded like a lie
But as long as I live
I'll never forget the way I loved you back then
I'm searching for the meaning
Of "I love you", "I love you", "I love you"
And until the day I find it
No, even if I never find it
I'll keep searching for you
I love you

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