Saturday, December 3, 2011


There's nothing much I could say. I was sick on previous Monday, collapse in front on my hostel, oxygen given. Blood pressure low. All because of the assignments. HAHA. English task, drama recording in Banting, done. With so much effort we put in it that suddenly all those videos disappeared from my video cam. That jerk, I will never forget his face. Never. The one who made my blood pressure increase to above 200. =..="

Settled down the English task, then we proceed with Arabic report. Also recording, but this time in Putrajaya. Took almost a day to finish up the task. Alhamdulillah. Done.

So, nothing much, right? I rarely update my blog, or because no one will even notice. I don't have readers. So no big deal to anyone. Right? But still, I need to update at least a word. Because I'm in a situation which requires so much things to think. So instead of easily forgetting things I've done, better I write it in this blog. So that the memories will remain, even if I forgot those things, I'll still can remind when I read my blog. Right?

All right. Enough with monologue. Last few days, I was quite busy with assignments, tasks and presentations. So that I couldn't have a good rest. That is why I can't avoid myself from headache and sickness. With that, I hope that all my works done with barakah. Amiin.

These are parts of situations, of pictures while doing my tasks.
#1 - Taqrir As-Siyahiy

#2 - Cancer Talk organised by BSMM-USIM

Next pictures should be the English task, behind the scenes of drama. But then, I couldn't upload those pictures because it's still in my camera. So just wait for the next entry. OKAY?

**okay suddenly I act just like I'm talking to someone. I have no readers. HAHA*

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