Sunday, December 4, 2011

Just a short-note.

I just can't think wisely when I'm sick.

I did so many things, no, stupid things, lately.

I get into a bit big fight with my group member.

Alhamdulillah we've settled our problems.

But then, when I think back of what I've done for the past few days...

I feel a bit regret. Because I'm not using all the chances that I had.

I keep on thinking that I'll do better NEXT TIME.

I keep thinking about next things I should do, and do the things I should do at the current time, with less effort.

By right, I should work harder and smarter.

I think that I worked on a very simple things but act like I worked on a very tough task, which is a bit waste.

As I'm concerned, I'm not the type of bookworms or library girl. Not really.

I do love reading, but I read comics, novels, mags. Reference books? When I need.

But then, I forced myself to read all those factual things until my brain and my mind stuck, and shut down.

That was happened when I collapsed that day. Shut down.

I don't know since when that I'm being this weak. But, I realized one thing.

When I think so much, I mean, when I overused my brain, I'll get sick.

So, let us think, how can I be a good student, or an intelligent student, if I can't use my brain efficiently?
-Am I started thinking? Then I'll get sick soon-

*I really need a doctor*

just to show you that I'm enjoying the taqrir siyahiy activity in Putrajaya, and I'm still sick at that time.

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