Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Judgmental - Geng Khemah

It's a good thing to have successfully fulfilled your duties as a muslimah. For instance, covering your aurah. It's a really, extremely good thing to do, in fact, it's our obligation. But we need to remind ourselves that there are a lot of other things and obligations that we need to take care of. Our akhlaq. 

Honestly, sometimes I don't like people asking me 'are you wearing a big hijab?', 'are you part of geng khemah?' etc. I don't really feel comfortable with those kinds of questions. It’s make me think that, do we really need big hijab [tudung labuh], to express our true self?

I disagree. Covering aurah is an obligation for a muslimah. I don't really think that the only way to cover our aurah is by wearing a big hijab. In fact, Rasulullah SAW told us to COVER OUR AURAH, not to WEAR A BIG HIJAB. Of course, big hijab is one of the ways to cover our aurah, and I didn't say that it's a bad thing. But, there's a lot of ways to do so. Nowadays, we are busy telling people, 'sister, cover your aurah. It's your obligation.' 'Sister, wear a big hijab, then you'll be safe.' 'Sister, wear your socks, your legs are part of aurah too.' Yes, all of these are extremely true.

But we rarely remind them, 'Sister, cover your aurah, and be a fine woman.' 'Sister, wear a big hijab, and take a good care of your attitude.' 'Sister, be good, inside (heart) and outside (appearance).'

We always see the outer layer of cookies and freely making so much personal opinions, personal judgments, without approching it and taste it by ourselves. Just seeing a cute and mouth watering cookies, and you'll say, 'The cookies are extremely delicious,' yet, you don't even know the taste.

What am I saying is, people tend, no, SOME people tend to judge based on appearance.

 "That girl is wearing shawl, she is wearing high heels too! OMG she must be a very demanding person."

"That lady is always wearing a very short hijab when she goes outside from her house. I wonder if she's not afraid of Hell for not covering her aurah properly."

"That muslimah is wearing a big hijab. Okay, she's my type. She must be a very religious person."

"That muslimah is always wearing jubah. She's perfect."

These are some of ridiculous thoughts from SOME experts in judgment. Why am I saying that these are ridiculous? Because those experts don't even know those girl, lady and muslimah up there. They don't even know each other and yet, they are judging like they know everything.

Wearing big hijab, which means she really did well in preparing herself to face the real world. That's the first step that makes her comfortable, insyaAllah. But inside herself, she doesn't really know much about Islam, MAYBE. She doesn't really know how to communicate with other people, talking about Islam, she becomes passive in Usrah, and she’s sometimes bored with what she's doing. BUT, her first step changes almost everything.

Wearing a shawl, a slightly short shawl. OKAY. First glance, admit it, you would say that she's beautiful, but not that suitable to ask her in depth about Islam. NO. Being fashionable is not prohibited in Islam as long as the fashion doesn't contravene the syarak. And who knows that the girl is actually an expert in Fiqh? Who knows? No, you don't, unless you ask her yourself.

In short, sitratul aurah is our obligations, and to have the best attitude and akhlaqul hasanah, we need to work hard, practice every single second for it, and apply. Both are two different things, but are related to each other.

If you have other opinions to share, or anything from my opinions to be correct, just response.

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