Thursday, October 30, 2014

In The End, The Truth is Nowhere to be Found

Been tested in the middle of mid term exam.
It hurts even more when I'm alone.
Mungkin sebab migha revealed the last year's story so the shock's still there.
Haha. How could you migha.
Membaziaq ai banjir semalam.
Btw thanks. For telling me those finally.

Knowing that the person was once cared about me, it's a great feeling melompat² dalam jiwa.
Walaupun dah lama, walaupun there was another occasion after that.
Walaupun the truth is still missing.
Walaupun the feeling that started to fade away is gaining back now.
Walaupun sedar dah yg semua cerita lama.
Walaupun sepatutnya come back to my senses.
Walaupun belum sembuh.
Walaupun masih sayang.
Walaupun dah ada yg sayang.

Moga Allah mudahkan. Feeling is never an easy thing to deal with.

I already cried a lot. Even if it's not your fault.
I already gave up what I feel, thinking that it should be the best way. And I already suffered from it.

It's a great experience.
Though it's tougher than I've ever imagined.

There's still a hope.

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