Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Reason or No Reason?

I've always said this to myself, "Everything happens for a reason. At least a reason. Find it. And go through it."

But there's one thing I couldn't think any reason why does it happened. It happened. Yes. But why. Idk.

And there goes my omg-what's-wrong-with-me episode starts again.

It isn't cool, babe. It's like waiting for a pepperoni pizza in warung saleha. You'd never get any pizzas. And warung saleha is actually a warung-tepi-jalan style.

Maybe I was really disappointed because I didn't get what I want. But hey, you're not always get what you want. Sometimes not-getting-what-you-want is the answer of getting what you need. It's all in Allah's hand, babe. Why bother?

I don't know if this matters, but Mir, my bebi best girlfriend, thanks. For willing to listen those sobbings n crying(s) n craps n all that for almost 5 years. Hahah. It's quite sometimes. Kau mmg gila sbb masih mampu tadah telinga.

Even though I've always have these positive thoughts in my mind, like, all the time, I'm still in the period of i-need-to-let-em-go-but-damn-how-omg. So. That's it.

The episode continues, I'm still listening and watching those videos. For some reasons, sometimes, it calms me. And thanks.

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